Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Kids make me giggle

This morning I was sat in the lounge checking my e-mails, when I overheard a conversation between my almost 3 yr old and 4yr old. It went something like this:

Son 3 - "C.... mummy has a baby"
Son 2 - "yes she does"
Son 3 - "Sarah has a baby too"
Son 2 - "Another one?"
Son 3 - "yeaarh she does"
Son 2 - "In her tummy?"
Son 3 - "yes" (don't know if you are aware of this yet Sarah! lol)
Son 2 - "Karen has a baby as well"
Son 3 - "yes she does.. how did it get there C...?

I'm really curious as to the answer here!!

Son 2 - "by accident" (ha ha ha!!)
Son 3 - "by accident.. yeah by accident."

The conversation then moved on to raspberries and strawberries!

Another rather funny statement made yesterday by son 2:

Son 2 - "Mummy.. I've got an idea I have!"
Mummy - "O have you.. what's that then?"
Son 2 - "I got my idea from bird poo."
Mummy - "O right! Interesting.. what's that then?"
Son 2 - "I could make a splat picture!"
Mummy - "A splat picture!?"
Son 2 - "yes.. with paint!"
Mummy - "lol!"
Son 2 - "Can I get the paints out?" :O)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pooh Sticks in London

We recently went upto London to celebrate hubby's Uncle and Aunties 40th wedding anniversary. It was a big family event and we had the most beautiful day for it.
We started off sharing lunch together at a quite pub and then went on to this most beautiful place tucked away in London. I can't remember the name of this park at the moment, so will update post as and when I do.

The kids (and some adults alike) very much enjoyed playing 'Pooh Sticks'
It is a game my eldest learnt by watching Whinnie the Pooh.
What you have to do is gather some sticks (feathers or leaves will work too) and stand on a bridge that goes over a stream or river etc, then at the same time as your competitor throw your stick into the stream.. run as quick as you can to the other side of the bridge and wait to see who's stick appears first. Here are some snap shots of the event!

Here are a few other shots from the day..

Walking with Nanny and Grampy