Friday, 8 July 2011

Story Telling Thursday

A big congratulations to Charlie our last
Story Telling Thursday Winner with his story

Here we go with this weeks stories. Don't forget to vote at the end!

The Green Hat

There was a man who had a green hat.  His house was full of green hats.  It was too good!  It was his bestest house.  The wind turned on and the house tumbled down. A girl called Sabrina saw the house tumbling down.  The man made 2 pictures.  Sabrina had a baby in her tummy.  She went into the tumbled down house to find her bow to put in her hair. Sabrina saw the Green Hat she left it there for the man.  Then she had the baby grow and went upstairs.  Then she had 5 babies.  


The Magic Hat

Once there was a man named Amazing.  He had a magic hat.  He had quite a lot of trouble with it.  When he popped on his magic hat it popped off.  He had loads so he kept on trying all of them.  When he popped on the last one, finally it stayed on.  Then he drove off in his car with all his magic stuff to his show.  When he got there - no one was there!  So...  he disappeared into thin air and waited.  Then loads of people came.  And then Amazing magiced back and then he put on his magic show.  When he took off his Magic Hat some rabbits popped out and with his wand he made them into butterflies.    Then he popped back on his magic hat and BOOM! he disappeared.  Then he boomed back with 2 of him.  Then they did a funny dance and then they went up and up and up and then BOOM! they disappeared.  Everybody laughed and laughed.  While people were chatting one of the Amazing's tip toed back and he shouted BOO! All the people went AGHHHH!!


The Wet Dog

There was a wet dog who jumped into a puddle to get even more wet.  The owner was called Mary she walked her dog to the beach near her house. Then the dog went into the sea to get even more soakinger.  Now 'the wet dog' was 'the soaking dog'.  Then they went home.  The soaking dog had a bath, then a shower, then he came out of the the bath and Mary dried him up.


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