Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Kids make me giggle

This morning I was sat in the lounge checking my e-mails, when I overheard a conversation between my almost 3 yr old and 4yr old. It went something like this:

Son 3 - "C.... mummy has a baby"
Son 2 - "yes she does"
Son 3 - "Sarah has a baby too"
Son 2 - "Another one?"
Son 3 - "yeaarh she does"
Son 2 - "In her tummy?"
Son 3 - "yes" (don't know if you are aware of this yet Sarah! lol)
Son 2 - "Karen has a baby as well"
Son 3 - "yes she does.. how did it get there C...?

I'm really curious as to the answer here!!

Son 2 - "by accident" (ha ha ha!!)
Son 3 - "by accident.. yeah by accident."

The conversation then moved on to raspberries and strawberries!

Another rather funny statement made yesterday by son 2:

Son 2 - "Mummy.. I've got an idea I have!"
Mummy - "O have you.. what's that then?"
Son 2 - "I got my idea from bird poo."
Mummy - "O right! Interesting.. what's that then?"
Son 2 - "I could make a splat picture!"
Mummy - "A splat picture!?"
Son 2 - "yes.. with paint!"
Mummy - "lol!"
Son 2 - "Can I get the paints out?" :O)


  1. Your kids are too cute! x

  2. OK... please take a picture of the bird poo painting. I don't know what it is about boys and poo. So funny. I hope you are well!

  3. LOL - too funny and so cute!