Monday, 29 August 2011

a year later and.... IT'S FINISHED!!

I've always been a fan of crafts and making things for my children.  13 months ago I embarked on a x-stitch journey - a personalised Christmas stocking for Caden.  I will, over the years, being doing one for each of my children.  Here is a picture story of my journey with it:

Baby came along so MANY weeks
(actually many months) later.

Stitching finished!  :O)

 Now to make it into a stocking..  first of all I cut around 
the edges to about a 1" seam, but leaving the top uncut. 

 After I had cut out the x-stitch I used it as a template to cut out the felt backing.  Then I pinned the two together and sewed it all up with my sewing machine.

It was a rather scary moment after a years
worth of work!  Was a bit worried trusting myself.

 Next I trimmed the seam down to 1/4" and then
turned it the right way out.  This was an exciting moment.

Next job was to iron.

And lastly...  the tassel needed to be made and added.

And here it is, the finished product!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Songs by a 7 yr old

For those of our children that are old enough we give them a special notebook to take to bed to write and draw in.  They come up with some fantastic things and tonight was no exception.  Caden has written 2 songs, which are just so sweet I felt I had to share:

God is Good

God is good
God is good
Yes He is
God is perfect
Yes He is
God is the bestest
Yes He is
God is caring
Yes He is
God is powerful
Yes He is


The Bestest Person

Who's the bestest?
You, You are the bestest.
G-O-D is God, the bestest!
You are the bestest
You are the bestest

Friday, 26 August 2011

Devotional time - do you struggle?

I don't know about you, but for me, there are days when spending time in The Word is such a challenge.  It's not that I don't want to or that there isn't enough time (we can always make enough time for what's most important to us), it's that the time I have is at a difficult time.  When I wake up in the morning I'm straight into the duty's of motherhood - no moments of peace and quiet to tuck into the Bible before my day starts.  I can quickly read a verse or two for meditation and get my mind focused - the Proverbs or Psalms are great for this, but no time for a 'proper' devotional time.  I find that my opportunity comes in the evening when the kiddies are all tucked up in bed. I can then quietly unwind with a cup of tea and my precious Bible.  This works nicely for me, however, I'd be lying if I said that I always felt up to it.  Sometimes, after a long tiring day, the thought of getting my mind in gear and reading feels like too much, requiring more energy then I have left.  It's tempting to just put on the TV and 'vegetate', but that's such a waste of time and I'm certainly not going to grow spiritually by doing such things.

The church I attend recommended something that helps me with the days when reading is a challenge. The days I've gone so past tired that I just want to 'vegetate'.  The Bible Society have put in the hours and have available on-line the New Testament in audio.  It is 'performed' by professional actors from Salt Mine and I have to say it is absolutely excellent. The Bibles comes to life with all the different male and female voices....  AND it's free!  So, if you struggle (for whatever reason) to get a good amount of The Word in, then why not give it a try?  It is organised into 40 days of readings, 25-35 mins each (the whole NT in 40 days... wow!).  You can listen to it on-line via streaming or you can download it onto your computer and then you'll have the option to burn it to cd - perhaps useful for car journeys?

Go and grab that cuppa (and bickie), click play , sit back in the sofa and relax listening to the most powerful book ever written.   Soak it up and grow.

 I have been so blessed by this tool.  I hope it blesses you too.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Story Telling Thursday

The winning title for this weeks stories is from Becky:  

It Wasn't Me!

A)     One day there was a little girl called Leah and she went to school.  At school she accidentally kicked Christie while they were playing football.  Leah was nervous and she said "it wasn't me!"  There was another girl next to Christie, who'd been hurt, so Christie thought it was her.  She said, "did you just kick me?" "it wasn't me" said the girl.  Christie then went to the teacher and said that she'd been kicked.  The teacher asked for the two girls to be brought to her.  The teacher asked "who kicked Christie?" Both girls said "it wasn't me".  The teacher thought and thought and then had an idea. She put on some rocket boots and gave some to the girls and they flew to a magical land.  They walked around and they saw a shop.  Then went in the shop.  The problem was that when they got into the shop they disappeared back to where they were.  Then Leah noticed something very strange... she felt dizzy.  Then the teacher said "it was you Leah, you are the one who lied.  I know it was you because  the one who came back from the magical land feeling dizzy is the one who lied.  Leah then said sorry to Christie and Christie forgave Leah.     THE END

B)    One day there was a new house built for 2 brothers called Samuel and Andrew.  The house was built really strong by their dad because they had some concrete.  The brothers play in the new lounge.  Then it was time to go and buy a talking crocodile, it's a teddy and has a red button on it to talk. Then Andrew did some drawing and then played on the leapster explorer.  Then the postman came with a letter and the letter said 'you need to have a blood test'.  So they got in the car and drove to have the blood test done.  He hoped it would be so quick so he told the lady to be quick.  3 grown ups named, Builder, Yes Sir and Lady Boots also had to have a blood test.  They all got a plaster and a sticker because they were really good, super good.  Then Andrew went home.  Andrew went to his teddies and found his monkey had lost his leg!  Then they heard a noise and it said, "it wasn't me!" The crocodile said it.  Then they heard another noise it said, "hello".  It was 6 elephants.  Then he heard another noise, it was 9 frogs saying "you can go!"  Then Andrew left.  Then the frogs said, "you've got to stop because there are people walking on the road.   THE END

C)      It was a sunny day and James hit his brother named John.  Then John told his mummy that James had hit him.  Mummy called James. "I'm coming Mummy".  Then Mummy said,  "did you hit John?" James said, "no, no it wasn't me!"  The Mummy said "it was you James because there was only 2 people and John has a bump on his forehead."  James said "sorry" and kissed it better.

Help us smash our record of 28 votes!

Please tick the appropriate box below: 
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Authors and Winner revealed next week. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011


We are going through one of those growing times right now.  Our thoughts and feelings are being challenged and faith tested.  It's exciting and, I admit, scary too - steps of faith are though aren't they!  I've been feeling/thinking lately that we live in a society filled with 'lukewarm' Christians.  Christians who seek the desires and comforts of the secular world.  Do we forget that this world is not our home?  Have we forgotten that this life is to be a living sacrifice?  A living sacrifice.... does that conjure up thoughts of comfort and ease to you?  Did Christ come to this life as OUR living sacrifice so that we can live this life with comfort and ease?  NO!  He came so that we may have eternal life.  Our life here on earth is but a twinkle in the sky , a flower that blooms and then fades away.  The life we live for is the life that is yet to come.  We must offer up our life as a living sacrifice in thanks giving for all He has done for us.  I think more than ever before in history it is easier to become a 'secular Christian'... caught up in the ease of the 'western way' and the 'ME' culture.  We surround ourselves with every comfort and take as much control of our lives as is possible which nearly eradicates the need for faith.  How much we miss out on by not trusting God with everything and laying down every area of our life for Him.

Is there an area in your life that you need to give the control back to God? 

Never forget who our God is - Our God who put together the heavens and the seas and created every animal that has ever breathed.  Our God who created you, knew you before you were born, knows the very number of hairs on your head and knows you better than you know yourself - surely then, remembering who our Almighty, Loving, Merciful, Gracious, Powerful and Steadfast God is, you can feel secure in trusting Him with EVERY area of your life, which He created, and has so carefully planned.  God has an amazing plan for you, a plan that is especially designed for you... let him show it to you and trust him with ALL of your heart.

LIVE BY FAITH and watch God do unmeasurably wonderful things in your life.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Story Telling Thursday WINNER

It's time to reveal the authors of last weeks stories, total votes received and declare the winner!

Story A - The Magic Pillow, written by Charlie = 10 votes

Story B - In Our Garden, written by Quinn = 4 votes

Story C - The Power Cut, written by Caden = 8 votes

A big congratulations to our winning author of the week: 


Thank you so much to all those who voted it is such an encouragement to the boys!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bye Bye Holidays

The summer holidays are over for us and we're back to the books.  It was so lovely to have some lazy days and not worry about schedules so much and just play hard.  :O)  All the boys have started this week off with hard, diligent work and I'm very proud of them.  

I worked on a new schedule over the summer holidays and I'm pleased to say that it is working a treat.  A well thought out schedule really does make a lot of difference to ones available time.

Quinn is proving himself to be quite the academic and loves being back at school.  He let out a massive "yay!" with a leap of joy and a groovy wiggle when I said that it was back to school tomorrow.  :O) (the same can't be said of the others! lol)  This picture of Quinn above, working hard on his math, was taken today.  

This picture below was taken the first day back to school in the afternoon. . . .  clearly it's quite exhausting all that school work!  

So what's new this term? 
Well. . .  Mr (very proud to be 7) Caden gets to start piano lessons!  Caden and I were both equally excited to see the parcel with his new piano books arrive with the postman this morning.

After morning lessons had been completed , lunch had been consumed and Rosina was down for her afternoon nap, Caden sat down for his very first lesson.  :O)  I'm really pleased with the books we chose - very visually pleasing and written in a clear and understanding manner.  

Here he is having just found good old Middle C.

And here he is spelling FACE with the notes.

He says he looks forward to playing for the church
one day when he's a bit older.  :O)  

Wouldn't it be lovely if he did grow to be a pianist!

Daddy proves to be an essential part of our homeschool providing great answers to those random questions and sitting with them and doing some of the arty activities.

Charlie very much enjoyed his craft/art 'lesson' with Daddy on the weekend and was very chuffed with how his model turned out.

AND. . . .
Rosina, being true to herself, continues 
to get upto the usual mischief!  :O)

Raising these little souls for King Jesus!

Praise Him who give us all that we need, all of the time!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Story Telling Thursday

(Don't forget to vote at the end!)    :O)

A)                              The Magic Pillow

The magic pillow goes up and down every time someone tries to get it.  When the boy put his head on the pillow it disappeared.  The pillow went under the blanket.  When the boy woke up he couldn't find his pillow.  He wondered where it had gone.  He looked everywhere and last of all under his blanket and there it was.  He wondered how it got there.         

B)                                 In Our Garden

One day a man built a house.  He did pretty good.  He got the job done.  Then he played in the garden and it was so much fun!  He just played on the climbing frame.  He goes down the slide all the time until he has some boys come over to play.  Then he went inside and had a dream.  His dream was... never go outside on the seesaw because there is none there.        THE END

C)                                    The Power Cut

One day a boy named James was watching TV, suddenly the TV switched off!  He went to find his mummy "the TV switched off by itself!" he said angrily.  James' mummy checked the fuses, they were all switched on.  There was a power cut.  Then his mummy remembered that she had said that she'd make pizza.  Mummy wondered what she could do.  Suddenly she had an idea.  Her idea was that she could try to make pizza in a frying pan as she could light up her stove top.  It did not work.  She went to the lounge to have another think.  She couldn't think of a way to make the pizza tonight.  Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.  It was an electrician saying "your electric is back on!"  Mummy then told her son.  James was so excited he rushed back to the TV, picked up the remote to switch it on and watched TV.  He was so excited that he put on his favourite program.  Then he watched a silly program.  Mummy was able to cook the pizza and it was done in time for movie night.   THE END

Time to get you involved!


Can you come up with a good title for the boys to write a story for?  Next time I will be giving the boys the same title to write from and I want you to pick it.  Please leave a comment in the box below with your suggestion and come back next time to see if your title was picked.  

Now for the voting as usual:

Please tick the appropriate box below: 
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Authors and Winner revealed next week. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I have a 7 year old!

My goodness.... that just seems so mad to me!  Mad that I've had the best job in the world for 7 years, mad that I'm old enough to have a 7 yr old child and mad that that much time past that quickly!

Caden is absolutely lovely and I love him to pieces.  He came into this world at 10:55am on the 2 of August 2004 after a looong labour at 36 weeks gestation.  We didn't know what the sex of our baby would be and I can tell you I was absolutely over the moon chuffed to have a son!  I came from a family of 5 girls you see, so having a boy seemed quite an achievement! ;)  The other side of that coin of course was, what on earth do you do with a boy ?   :)

Caden is very loving and he fills my heart with joy for his love of God's word.  He has genuine compassion for the hurting people around the world and I look forward to see how God is going to use this special heart he has placed within my son in the future.  Caden's hobbies currently included: dressing up, nature (bugs, birds & leaves seem of particular interest), drama & dancing, computer games and lately he has just gotten into chess.

To celebrate the 7 years we have been blessed with his life we had a 'splashing' birthday party for him on saturday the 30th.  He had several mates over and we filled the family sized paddling pool.  We put on some fun games, including water balloon volley ball, a treasure hunt and who can make the biggest splash!  It was a lot of fun and we were so, so blessed with the weather - the sun came out from behind those clouds just as the party started!  :)

Caden is very much into castles, soldiers & knights so I made him a castle cake for his birthday.... it ended up being a bigger task than I had anticipated, but at 1 am the night before the party I got it done - 'phew'!

He blew those candles out all in one go!  :O)

His special day continued with yet more excitement when Nanny and Grampy arrived!  After the party had finished and party bags had been handed out we threw down the picnic rug, on the rather now damp grass thanks to the water balloon volley ball, and set out a pile of pressies for birthday boy to open in the glorious sun shine.  There was much excitement on Daddy and my part as we couldn't wait for him to open his pressie from us!  :O)  It had only just arrived in time (very delayed)... a few hours before the party!  I had quickly run inside with the box and wrapped it up before Daddy even got a look at it.
I'm not really sure if this pressie had been picked for Caden or for Daddy!  :O)

So what was it ?

Today Caden has had much excitement playing with his new things and picking up the mail to find that ALL the post was for him!  :O)  He is currently setting up a game of chess for me to play with him...  so I'm off to play!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Giant Display

ok, ok... I'll confess it - I'm a photo addict!  I love snapping away at my precious little ones and capturing those fun memories forever.  I like to play around with the photos too, as and when I have the time for it.   It amazes me... just one little picture and it can bring a whole flood of memories back.  I'm very thankful that I am able to take advantage of this technology because with the best will in the world I wouldn't remember even a smidgen of what I do now thanks to photographs.

My latest venture in the world of photos has been a large photo frame for our dining room wall.  I bought it from Matalan for a total bargain of £35  :O)  I bought it back in March and it has taken me til now to finally get it finished and on the wall.  It ended up being quite a big undertaking searching through the last 7 amazing years of my life and finding not only my favourite photos, but also ones that would actually fit in the frame.  I made a folder in my photo program just for these picked out photos and then once the final decision had been made I ordered them with Asda photos and had them delivered. (Had 40 free photos with them online so the photos only cost me £2 something or other and that was only because I ordered 3 5x7's)

Here it is - still in the design stage.

The boys helped me by passing the tape when  
needed and giving their opinion on how it looked.

Getting the smaller photos towards the 
centre was quite a tricky/fiddly process.

And here's the final product up on the wall.

There is one square missing a photo, we are saving that one for Rosina's 1st birthday picture.  Cannot believe that is only another 7 weeks away! Madness!

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