Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Messy Memories

Time is whizzing by and my little girl is 3 weeks old already!

Desperate to capture something special from this
time in our lives, I came up with this idea:

Some messy fun making some lasting memories:

We used a canvas and acrylic paints.

I divided the canvas up with string (as pictured).
This helped in getting the prints as accurately placed as possible.

Our first attempt at this failed as the paint was too thick.
So if you fancy trying your hand at this, make sure you dilute the paint.


I plan on finishing it off with the date on the bottom right hand corner.


  1. You are so good at the art and crafts with your kids well done. What a beautiful piece this is and how treasured it will be!

  2. What a lovely idea - and it looks amazing!!

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