Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Family Heirloom

Making memories that will last is important to me.  Kiddies grow up so fast and I constantly feel a great desire to capture as much as I can in something that will last.  Photos and video clips are the obvious choice along with perhaps writing a diary of events.

 I came across an interesting idea the other day for a family heirloom...  a family recipe book.  We all have recipes that we love and I suspect most families (and certainly we do) adapt some recipes to meet the family's preferences.  I already had a lot of our 'family invented' and 'family adapted' recipes typed up, so this project was fun and simple.  
All we needed to buy was a brand new A4 folder.  

Here's what we got up to:

Drawing out some designs

Cutting out and colouring in

Quinn coloured in the word 'our' 
and was rather proud of it!  :O)

 Deciding the layout
(they all wrote their own names)

 Putting in some printed off recipes

 Adding the plastic covering to 
keep it all safe & clean

 Our finished project and family heirloom.
(Please note that the most important recipe is on the first page! (play dough))

I wanted the boys to design and create as much of this project as possible and I am really pleased with what we ended up with.

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