Friday, 13 May 2011

Red, Blue & Green

Well we have been busy here at the Short household with some science this week and we've tried our hand at turning celery red & blue, amongst other things, but more on the other experiments and projects on a future blog post as those experiments/projects are not finished yet.  


Caden went first with his celery stick and red food colouring.  We started off in a large glass pretty much filled with water, but we later decided that a small glass only partially filled was probably better.

Charlie went next, here he is prepping his water.  Quinn was our stirrer and carefully mixed the colouring into the water.

Excited to see what was going to happen..

And here - the finished experiment: 

24 hours later
How cool is this!  :O)

It was amazing watching the leaves slowly turn red!

Who would have thought this was a celery leaf! ?

Our God.. is an awesome God He reins.. in heaven and earth la la... la la la la lala la la la la la la!  


  1. I wish science had been that fun at school - I might have achieved my childhood dream of becoming a forensic scientist! LOL

  2. Cool! I wonder...if I stood in a bucket of dye would my hair change colour?

  3. LOL Omi! I think next time we try this I'm going to try splitting the bottom and having half in a different colour each. See if I can turn the leave 2 different colours. :O)