Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pregnant & Ditsy!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that hubby and I are expecting another precious baby. We kept this pregnancy quiet for the 1st trimester after there being problems last time. It was decided to announce the baby news after the 12 week scan if all looked healthy... and it did! Beautifully healthy.. both baby and placenta! What a massive relief that filled my eyes with tears of happiness!! :) Baby is in fact growing so well, that he/she measured 4 days bigger for dates, giving a due date of the 19th of September. (I won't go into the details of how I had to get off the scanning chair/bed thingy and do a hip wiggling dance to get baby into good position for a measurement! Hubby had a right old laugh.. not to mention the sonographer!! :S)

Now for the ditsy part of the title... I'm not really sure why, but every time I'm pregnant.. my brain seems to go into hiding and is just no where to be found! I find myself doing some crazy things, forgetting almost everything and I seem to lose the ability to communicate properly. Quite literally I can be happily talking away when I'll say some random word completely backwards, (hubby thinks this is actually quite a talent!) or I'll forget what I was saying or what I'm saying just doesn't really make any sense!
Yesterday my ditsy pregnancy brain cost my family and I at least 15 minutes sitting in the wind and rain! (yay :S) WHY?? Well.. we'd taken the park and ride into town.. the kids LOVE to go on the bus. We hopped off at our stop and I was asking hubby if I should wear nice, trendy hat and mess up my hair for rest of day or to let it just get wet.. he voted hat. Ok, hat it is... hat.. o.. ah! Ummm... darling... (embarrassed face) I ummm think I just left my hat and gloves on the bus! :S 'cheesy smile'.. "love you"!! Then I tell the boys that mummy left something on the bus and we need to wait for it to come back this way! We came up with some games to pass the time.. like jumping the lines on the pavements etc (I must have looked like a right noggin!) and eventually the bus passed back and the bus driver gave us a massive grin and waved the hat and gloves at us! :S How embarrassing!

I'm sure this past week is the first of many, many embarrassing events to come during this pregnancy! Course.. it's all worth it! I just hope I can find my brain again after the baby is born! :S Trouble is... it's getting better at hiding and I'm getting worse at seeking! May end up having to change the blogs name to My Ditsy Diary.


  1. LOL! You are funny. Lovely post! Glad you got your hat and gloves back. Can't wait to see what you do next! xx

  2. Awww -

    This is awesome! Ditsy Diary - lols. At least you could have some fun whilst waiting for the bus driver.

    Look forward to hearing more about this.

    And obviously a massive congratulations. I'm already starting to practice having to change a nappy whilst checking three other kids are asleep, whilst eating some wonderful food......

    I'm good at one of the three.....

  3. i think mine will never return (my brain that is!), i didn't lose my hat and gloves...

  4. lol! Well I'm sure I loose a large % of my brain cells with each baby... best not have too many more! :O)

  5. and i just noticed that your sweet baby is waving to you!!

  6. Yes!! :O) We are chuffed to bits with the scan picture.. it is so clear for a 13 week scan!