Friday, 18 June 2010

Pizza Night

On most Fridays we have


I've been meaning to capture the events on camera for a while now.
I finally remembered to do it this evening!

Time to mix together the dough:

Yes.. Son 3 does have pants on his head - he wore them up there most of the day! It's his hat apparently. I will just say that they are clean ones and he does also have a pair in the correct place too! ;O)

Time to knead the dough:

Now for a quick clean and tidy up while the dough rises...

Mummy has cooked the sauce and got the dough ready for yummy toppings..
Pineapple is a favourite for all of them!

And finally.. the pizza is cooked, the movie is ready - Time to Eat!

A good old fashioned family night!



  1. I have a lovely memory of sharing in one of your pizza evenings - the last part anyway - happy days:D

  2. Great post! Your pizza looks amazing. Love that the boys help :) My son wears pants on his head too! My daughter has grown out of it now, lol!

  3. We have pizza night every Friday too. Only I cheat and buy pizza dough from Publix deli. I've tried to make my own and just don't like it. Anyway it's a great way it's a fun way to end the week. Looks like the boys love it!

  4. i'm the Daddy8 October 2010 at 22:12

    and it was good pizza