Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Ickle Pickle

My dear daughter is now 10 months old.  I can't quite believe how quickly the time has gone.  It sure seems to go faster with each baby I have.  :O(  She is an amazing baby and I just love her to bits.  She has oodles of character and makes me laugh throughout the day!  She has been a good baby, very placid as a tiny baby and very portable.  She has been my only baby to be good in the car and she is one of those amazing babies that you can transfer while asleep from the car into her cot for a nap! (never thought I'd have one of those!) :O)

Rosina is an adventurer at heart and just loves to explore and get messy!  
She loves to eat dirt, coal & sand. (not sure that I'm going to have the desired girly girl on my hands! lol)  Her latest hobby is to pull things out of the cupboards (only just discovered how to open those!) and to pull all of the books off the bookshelves.  
ahh the joys!

Yesterday she very much enjoyed exploring a friend of mines garden.. she picked up a big stick she found lying around and then spent the next 5-10 minutes whacking the leaves with it.  Then she kept herself occupied by shoveling wood chippings, dirt and leaves not forgetting, of course, to see what they taste like as she goes!  At least she'll be getting her daily mineral quota!  
After having a play with a tunnel and tent with a fellow baby friend she decided to test out the paddling pool. It was one of those that has flexible plastic sides that stay up only when the water is inside it.  After a little hand splash Rosina decided that it looked good ...... too good for just hand splashing so, breaking the sides down with brunt force she crawled right on in - fully dressed!  She didn't even wince at the rather, how shall we say .... 'refreshing' water straight from the hose.

Just look at that face!  She's such a cheeky monkey.

Lately she's been practicing her walking by cruising around the furniture - not sure how long we'll be waiting for those first steps though as, just like her older brother Charlie, she laughs when she tries to stand/walk alone and proceeds to collapses to the floor! 

She is such a blessing to me as are all of my children!

See, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalm 127v3


  1. Love it! The pics are great - shows off her cheeky character very well :o) What fun experiences to look back on!

  2. Haha, what a precious bundle!

  3. Oh! That's a lovely post :-) She is so adorable, and i love those paddling pool pictures - brave girl, bet it was freezing!

  4. my ickle pickle too