Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Strawberry Picking!

Determined not to let the miserable weather put us off we set off for an afternoon of strawberry picking.  Armed with raincoats, umbrellas and an optimistic attitude that there would be a break in the weather. On the journey to the farm the rain came pouring down and the wind blew!  'gulp' what on earth were we thinking!  :S  This is going to be a disaster.  We arrived and parked the car... still raining.  Little Rosina decided that it was nap time so Daddy and the boys had a look around the farm shop while Rosina had a bit of sleep.  20 mins later we decide to get on with the trip and wake Rosina up and much to our delight the rain stopped!  :O)  The wind was still a blowing, but at least it looked like we' d be dry.

The boys, each armed with a basket to fill, very excitedly ran out into the fields.  "Which way for the strawberries Daddy? asked one "I think it's this way" shouted another.

This was Rosina's first trip out in the Papoose - she liked!  :O)

Beautiful, juicy strawberries!  YUM!

We were all having such fun!  There is something 
rather satisfying in picking your own food!  :O)

Caden's very chuffed with the big, red strawberries
he found!  "Look Mummy!"

Strawberry earrings!  hehe

Next we go to find some raspberries
Don't these look delicious!  (I can tell you they were)

Delicately picking some raspberries - they were so
soft the boys had to be very careful not to sqidge
them while trying to pick them.

To finish off our afternoon of fruit picking we 
picked up some yummy rhubarb!  :)

Now home to get the bowls and the cream!  Mmmmmm


  1. mmm, they do look good!

  2. Oooh, that looks like fun! I bet the eating was good :-)

  3. Glad it stopped raining for you! Looks like you had fun and love the pictures :o)

  4. That looks great - we've never been strawberry picking yet but really do want to go!!