Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas at the Shorts

 I love this time of year...  the fresh & crisp air, the lights up on & in houses, the mince pies, an open fire, the spirit of generosity & giving, time to spend with family etc etc.  I hope you have all managed to have a wonderful Christmas! 

We began our Christmas this year with a busy day cooking and baking on Christmas Eve
Topping the raw pastry (for the chocolate boston pie)
with baking bean ready for the oven.

Making mince pies and apple pies for our neighbours

underneath all those pies the plate reads 'Jesus is the gift'

Rosina, not wanting to be left out, helped daddy with the brussels sprouts

After all that prep (and much more) it was time for the children to be in bed and time for Daddy to build Rosina's Christmas pressie....

There were so many parts!!   I have to give little tikes some credit here though as it was amazingly packed and so well organised. 
Nearly there... apparently the average chap gets this done in 2-3 hours, so of course Alex sets himself the challenge of getting it done in only 1 hour...  alas he failed and came in at 90 minutes - a good try though! :O)

A few hours kip was in order next and then Christmas morning arrived!  No naughty children sleeping in til 8:30 this year (unlike last year when mummy had the patients of a 3 yr old waiting for her eldest to finally wake up so we could get the day started! lol) so we declared Merry Christmas and enjoyed some stocking pressies!  Thanks Santa!  After breakfast and a quick play time we jumped into the car and went to a beautiful Christmas service at our church where we celebrated Jesus coming to earth to be our Saviour!

After church it was time to gather around as a big family (my parents and 2 of my sisters joined us) and enjoy a big meal (we are so blessed!)  Here we all are looking silly with our cracker hats on:

Our Starter
Onion & Mozzarella Tarts

Making the mango & lychee dumplings

Needless to say Rosina enjoyed her Chocolate Boston Pie!!
Now that we were all filled to the brim with food and drink it was time to sit around as a family in the lounge and give gifts one to another. 

Excitement and gratitude overflows!

Here's Rosina about to get her pressie

She was very chuffed
As was Caden with his 'how things work' book! 

After we'd finished pressie time we enjoyed some tea/supper with mince pies and/or Christmas cake for dessert.  We lit a candle on the cake and sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus.  We prayed and thanked Jesus for leaving his throne in glory to humbly come to earth to save us!  

O I love boxing day.  We take it easy after a busy Christmas day.  We laze around in our pj's and enjoy the gifts we'd been given.  Is always such a fun and relaxing day!  :O)

Here the boys get to try out their main pressie, the lego table - it was just a box with words on it on Christmas day!  So much more exciting to find it all made up and ready to play with on boxing day!

Caden tries out Daddy's rowing machine

The kiddies sit down to watch a new movie (Rosina got herself in the box)

Christmas with Alex's folks

Rosina very pleased with her pushchair! :O)
Thank u Nanny & Grampy

All the grandchildren on the Short's side

The children were so excited that night as we were stopping for a sleep over at Nanny's house!  It is so lovely to have the opportunity to visit with family and create some lovely memories.



  1. You did a fab job with Christmas - it was a truly lovely day. Thanks for all the hard work. Such a lovely family

  2. your loving husband3 January 2012 at 21:30

    Thankyou my lovly wife for all you did to make the day so special.

  3. Happy New Year! I’ve nom­i­nated you for an award over on my blog. Sarah

  4. Your Christmas looks lovely! Happy New Year to you all xx