Saturday, 28 July 2012

Spontaneous Excitement

Last Saturday our little family made an outing to Pets at Home to top up our fish tank that had diminished in fish over recent months.  While we were there, we noticed some rather cute little rabbits that were in the adoption section of the shop.  Naturally we had to enquire about them!  We had been planning on getting rabbits again at some point in the future, but certainly hadn't gone to the shop with the intention of getting some that day.  We asked the shop assistant if we could give them a hold and.... well that was that, we were smitten and we just 'had' to have them.  
It just so happened that there were 3 of these little bunnies, which is what we wanted to get when the time came so that each boy had his own rabbit to care for.  They were also all boy rabbits, which is also what we wanted, so it all felt kinda 'meant to be' and the spontaneity of it all made it all the more exciting.  
So after a few hours of shopping for crafts and fish we came home with 3 rabbits!  

We already had a hutch from rabbits we've had in the past so when we got home it was time to get the elbow grease out and clean it up to make a lovely new home for our lovely new pets. 

Rosina checking that the rabbits are okay in their boxes.

Getting the (now clean) hutch all cozy

And the rabbits start making themselves at home.

The boys name the rabbits themselves:

Coco (brown rabbit), Nibbles (white with grey ears) & Peaches (white with pink ears).

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