Saturday, 13 February 2010

Ever Feel Invisible?

A friend of mine shared a link with me to a YouTube clip. It is called 'The Invisible Woman'. It was a skit by the author of the book 'The Invisible Woman'. I was intrigued after watching the clip and proceeded to buy the book. I have been blessed by it.

Here is the link:

The Invisible Woman by Nicole Johnson


Now you see me... now you don't
Charlotte Fisher has two children, a pretty good marriage, and a very big problem - she is invisible. Her husband and kids can see the clean socks in their drawers and the hot food on the table, but they cannot see her.
She's disappeared into the anonymity of being the wife, the mum, the butter getter, the milk pourer, the laundry washer, and all the other terms that describe a behind-the-scenes woman who holds life together. She's a pair of hands to fix things, an apron to cook meals, a clock to tell time, and even a nameless driver to chauffeur family and friends wherever they want to go. She's invisible!
Do you sometimes feel like an invisible woman?
Step into Charlotte Fisher's invisible shoes and walk through the daily responsibilities she fears are erasing her life. Discover through her eyes the great cathedrals of Europe and the divine secrets their dedicated-but-nameless artisans unlock for her. And then, alongside Charlotte, find the inner beauty and eternal significance that can only be found through living an invisible life, a life that is constantly seen, known, and blessed by the One who really matters - the God who sees all invisible women.

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