Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Love speaking loudly

Love.. so hard to put into words and yet, when thought is put into it, so easily expressed through what we do. When someone says, "I love you", it is special of course, but it means so much more when there are beautiful actions behind it. This morning the love my husband has for me spoke so loud and clear.. it truly melted my heart.
The horrid alarm clicked on at silly o'clock this morning (5:20). I turned over to my husband and said.. "I feel like I haven't slept" (kids). There really wasn't much more spoken other than.. "have a good day" etc. I promptly fell back to sleep and hubby got ready for work. I was woken again at 6:50 by my alarm clock (youngest son). Managed to have some cuddle time before being dragged out of bed to feed my little lovies their breky. If only I knew the surprise waiting for me in the kitchen!
Looking half alive, with serious bed hair and wrapped up in my dressing gown, I slowly dragged myself towards the kitchen. "What's that?" I ask myself.. did I leave a dirty pan on the stove? 'sigh'. Walking over to take a closer look, I see the pan has contents in it... none that I had put there.. it was a soup. In that moment I realized my thoughtful, loving husband had made dinner for tonight, so that I wouldn't have to after a rough nights sleep. I knew I was loved.. much more so than him just saying "I love you", but because he had displayed it in such a thoughtful way.
I've spent the rest of the morning thinking about love and actions. Love is the most important commandment. I'm thinking about how I can make my husband feel as loved and as special as he made me feel this morning... and my boys.. what can I do that would speak love loudly to them today? How about you? What can u do today that would show someone that you really love them? Maybe someone who would be deeply touched by a phonecall, a short message hidden in a lunch box, or a card/love letter. When u start putting you mind to it.. there are endless possibilities! Have fun.. speak love loudly!


  1. Awe, that's really sweet. You're a lucky girl!

  2. I'm so thankful you have such a thoughtful, loving husband. Nicely written!

  3. Beautifully written and such a good reminder for me to love with my actions.

  4. Before I read this my list of chores was long...but now the list of ways I can love my family is long. I'm excited to get started.
    Alex is a good man.

  5. Thanks guys! :) and Steph.. it's such a great way to look at chores isn't it! Alex is a good man and he is such a blessing to me.

  6. Very nice blog. Well written and challenging. You can tell Alex loves you a lot!