Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Unwritten Laws of Life

Some people call it 'Murphy's law' or 'sod's law'.

Today after the kids were all tucked up in bed, my youngest little boy starts calling for me. I figure it is just for another hug, but to my shock, I found his leg well and truly stuck between the wall and his bed. Now u might be thinking, just move the bed, (o if only it were that simple) but this is a solid wood, triple bunk bed.. it is not going to be budging anytime soon. I started to freak out a little bit when his leg didn't move even the tiniest little bit when I tried to wiggle it out (was seeing a broken leg from pulling it out, in my overactive imagination), so I go to find my mobile (cell) to call husband to come home and help (he's at a church meeting). I discover that I left my phone in the car (hardly ever do this.. but you can bet I will when I need it the most). I needed my mobile as it was the only thing that had record of husbands new mobile number on it! Now a little more panicked, as I realize I really need to try and figure this out by myself, I go back to try and move leg again. Nothing! Little one cries every time I attempt a move.. o help! What am I going to do! Really panicking now.. and think I HAVE to get hold of husband. So I call pastors wife and explain that I had to get hold of my husband, but can't etc.. and she says she can call someone who'll be there.. the short end of a long story, husband finally gets the message and makes his way home. In the meantime, after phoning pastors wife, I go back to son to try again to get this leg out. I try a different approach.. nothing. My poor baby! My poor, SILLY baby! Trying to stay calm so son doesn't start freaking out. I am thankful that he is not screaming his head off, but is only crying when I try to move his leg. I try again and again.. nothing! Decide to give it one more go.. there was nothing new to try, I didn't really do anything different, but somehow it budged a little bit. With the chunkiest part of his calf released it was just a case of careful maneuvering to get the rest of the leg and foot out. (MASSIVE SIGH) I sit back on his bed, almost out of breath from the panic, and sternly say, "don't ever do that again!" Then proceed to explain about not putting legs or anything else into small gaps.. mmm.. what's the betting he took that conversation on board? yeah.. I thought so too!
So.. next thing I know.. hubby arrives home.. dashes in the house and I have to say.. darling I'm so sorry, I've managed to get it out and I've called you home for nothing! :S

Murphy's law.. kids will put body parts into gaps that are too small, you will not have mobile phone when u REALLY need it - either that or it will be flat, problems are solved after you've called someone to help, but before they arrive and when event is all over, you'll find the phone that you thought you didn't have! (yes I had it all along!)


  1. Lol, I checked the funny mark on your post as it made me laugh at the end, but I was feeling sorry for you both up till that point, how scary! Kids ay! So glad it ended happily. :o)

  2. Aww that's funny but only looking back at it I'm sure!! Glad you're all ok!! LOL Don't worry his leg won't fit in that gap much longer!! Janet x

  3. The things I have to look forward too. I"m glad it all worked out and that he wasn't injured - at least you didn't call the fire Dept to help!

  4. Wow - that must have made you feel quite sick. Well done for sorting it out. Guess he won't be doing that again anytime soon. We had a lovely time with you at the weekend. THANKS.