Thursday, 23 June 2011

Science by Caden

The following post is 100% Caden's post... 
his words, his typing, his spelling etc etc.

This is all ubout Cato my swet potato.

I put water in a bowl it splashid in like a wave .  Next I stabd the swet potato whivth cubabs stiks and I poped the swet potato in the bowl of water.  I coolld my potato Cato .
I put Cato in Charlie's wordroeb so the roots can grow .  

Aftar 14 days it lookt like this.

duz this look cool?

This is the first leef grawing 

Arfter unuthur 6 days it lookt like this.

Arfter unuthur 13 days it lookt like this.
I think this looks fantastik

Arfter unuthur 8 days it lookt like this.

I think cato looks fantastik.  fantastik is cool!


  1. Very proud of you my son. Cato looks fantastic. Well done

  2. Wow, that's amazing - great post Caden :-)

  3. We have got to try this as well, thanks for the lesson! Job well done!

  4. That is really well done Caden - good job!

  5. That is cool, Caden - good job

  6. I need you Caden to help me with my growing skills........Well done you!

  7. Christina Masse23 June 2011 at 17:44

    Awesome! I've been wondering if I could plant sweet potatoes in my garden and have them grow successfully, the same way my potatoes do.

    It seems that from your experiment I might be able to do just that! I'm inspired.

  8. Karen Ashcroft23 June 2011 at 18:18

    Fantastic Caden! xx

  9. Hi Caden, that was fantastic! I'm very impressed. I think Cato looks cool too. You are great at blogging!

  10. What a great post Caden! Loved the story-telling and the pictures showing how well Cato grew! Well done :o)