Thursday, 23 June 2011

Story Telling Thursdays

While sitting at the table to dinner this evening the kids were enjoying telling stories.  We all laughed & enjoyed each others silly tales.  I sat there thinking though that this will all too soon be gone.  I decided right then & there to have each of them tell me a story after dinner that I could write down & post on my blog.  

I figured it would be fun to do this on a regular basis....  to encourage their story telling & imaginations.  So I've decided to create 'Story Telling Thursdays'.  2 Thursdays a month I will post a story from each of the boys and a week later I will present 'The Story Telling Winner', as voted by my readers.  So please vote!  :O)

How am I going to get to holiday?

One day a man named Leaflet slipped on some jam, which reminded him, Oh yes! Today I'm going on holiday.  And so, he cycled and cycled to the ferry.  The ferry took him over to the Isle of Wight, but the shipped crashed.  He thought quickly and took his bags and his bike and leapt out of the boat and landed right next to his camp. He was a good jumper.   THE END

The Fat Cat

One day there was a fat cat.  He loved eating dog food!  He loved to pretend he was a dog.  He likes to pretend to eat bones, just like a dog.  Fat Cat's name is Aluv. Then fat cat had 11 babies. He decided to pop them down to bed at different times. The babies slept for 8 minutes. Then they woked up and crawled to their mummy - The Fat Cat. The Fat Cat was skinny now.  THE END

Kuloola & Fluna

One day there were 2 men called Kuloola and Fluna.  They went to the doctors because Fluna was poorly.  The doctor made it all better and then Kuloola changed his name to Noona.  Then he grabbed a pencil and writted it down.  THE END

Please vote for your favourite.  Just leave us a comment in the comment box below with your choice.  THANKS!  :O)

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  1. I loved all three stories! It's hard to choose a favourite, but I'm going with Charlie this time. I'm a sucker for dog stories and baby stories, so Charlies scored a two for one!

    Keep it up boys!

    Great idea Tamsyn - can't wait for next Thursday now!

  2. I have to vote for the Fat Cat please. One suggestion though, for those of us who know the boys, it would be nicer if we didn't know who wrote which story. Well done boys - I'm already looking forward to next week's stories:)

  3. It's really hard to decide which is best, but I'm going with Charlie's. It made me laugh and was very clever. Love Linda X

  4. I think i'll have to vote for C - it was a hard decision though, they were all great :-)