Thursday, 1 September 2011

Story Telling Thursday WINNER!

A big thank you to all our readers who voted - we're delighted to say that we broke our record with a total of 31 votes!   :O)

Now to reveal the authors of last weeks stories, 
total votes received and declare the winner!

It Wasn't Me

Story A - written by Caden = 13 votes

Story B - written by Quinn = 9 votes

Story C - written by Charlie = 9 votes

A big congratulations to our winning author of the week: 


Thanks again to all those who voted it is such an encouragement to the boys!

Come back next week for more stories with a title from one of our readers:

The Mysterious Parcel - with thanks to Omi

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  1. Well done Caden! xxx Can't wait for next weeks stories!