Monday, 29 August 2011

a year later and.... IT'S FINISHED!!

I've always been a fan of crafts and making things for my children.  13 months ago I embarked on a x-stitch journey - a personalised Christmas stocking for Caden.  I will, over the years, being doing one for each of my children.  Here is a picture story of my journey with it:

Baby came along so MANY weeks
(actually many months) later.

Stitching finished!  :O)

 Now to make it into a stocking..  first of all I cut around 
the edges to about a 1" seam, but leaving the top uncut. 

 After I had cut out the x-stitch I used it as a template to cut out the felt backing.  Then I pinned the two together and sewed it all up with my sewing machine.

It was a rather scary moment after a years
worth of work!  Was a bit worried trusting myself.

 Next I trimmed the seam down to 1/4" and then
turned it the right way out.  This was an exciting moment.

Next job was to iron.

And lastly...  the tassel needed to be made and added.

And here it is, the finished product!


  1. That's great! What a treasure for him to keep! Well done :o)

  2. Awe Tamsyn, that's beautiful! (sniff, sniff)

  3. That's awesome - idk if I'd have the patience but would love to do something like that for Skyler