Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pregnancy - 10 weeks - The Best News

10 weeks today!

Click play to listen to something very, very special!!

Thanks for walking with us through this pregnancy!  The last week has been a little bit emotional for me as I went through the time gestationally when Eman would have passed away.  I am filled with so much hope and am overflowing with joy to have heard my little baby's heartbeat (twice)!  The first listen in was before the time gestationally that Eman passed away and the 2nd time was today and still that wonderful strong heartbeat there!  Today we official enter the fetal stage of the pregnancy and leave the embryonic stage behind.

Keep growing little one!

Cravings this week - fresh home-made fruit scones!!
Felt this week - insanely tired, but nausea mild  :O)
Belly growth - 2 inches  (already!)  lol

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  1. Awww, i'm so pleased everything is going well Tamsyn xx

  2. There is nothing quite so wonderful as hearing such a small sound! :D

  3. great - I'm glad you've been able to find it