Monday, 26 March 2012

Cookery Monday - Lentil & Pasta Soup

Mister Quinn has been begging me to do another pasta soup.  I had no recollection what recipe I had done before that he had loved so much so it was off to the internet in search of a pasta soup recipe.

I found a Jamie Oliver recipe that sounded good so off to work we went.

Ingredients at the ready

 Rosina thought the lentils looked rather fun to get stuck into.

 She also thought the parmesan cheese looked like it needed eating up!  lol

 First job was to chop up some celery and onion to add to the
lentils while they cooked to add flavour. The celery and onion will 
later be disregarded.  We chopped a little too small considering we
would need to pick them out after the lentils were cooked.  Lesson learned.

 Lentils ready to cook away with celery, onion, salt and 1 bay leaf.

 Next we measured out the pasta - Rosina thought that look tasty too!

Here's our lentils after they'd finished cooking.  We proceed to
drain all the water away and take out the extra ingredients.

 Now we were ready to start the soup.

 Caramelize an onion

Add a can of tomatoes

Stir in our lentils

And add 1 litre of water and let simmer

Next we cooked the pasta, which we added to our soup
after it had simmered away for about 10 minutes

 And here we are ready to eat, with a grating of parmesan cheese on top.
 As simple as that!

AND that all important verdict???

We made a few adaptations to the original (eg. we used red lentils and I think he used green, we used orzo pasta and he used normal sized pasta, he added chilli and we didn't) and our soup looks VERY different to Jamie's  -  he's a link to the original recipe - CLICK HERE

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