Monday, 12 March 2012

Cookery Monday - A Home Ed Group Session

Once a month a group of us home schoolers meet together 
for fellowship and fun!  :O)

This month we decided to have a cooking session 
which was lots of fun (and hard work lol)

Here's what we got up to:

Here we are just getting started with 'group 1' 
who are cooking apple flapjacks.
Several take it in turns peeling the apples while others 
busy chop the apples up into small chunks

Rosina was the teams cheerleader!  :O)

Next it was time to weigh out the sugar

And then the butter

and some of the younger ones enjoyed dropping handfuls
of raisins into our mixture.... and eating a few strays 
that fell to the side - yum yum!

 After I had cooked the apples in butter for about 10 minutes
it was time to stir in the measured out ingredients and then 
pour into the pan ready for baking.

 Ready to go into the oven

Now it was group 2's turn. And they worked on some
Oatie Biscuits.  Here's Michiah measuring out the butter

 And here he is trying to beat the butter and sugar together
- was rather muscle breaking work!!

 Caden has a go... we're not getting very far!

Thankfully in our team of mummies we had our very own
human mixing machine and once she was put to work the butter
was soft in no time!  :O)  Thanks Karen!

Here one of the home school family's bake some special
'free from' biscuits to meet some special diet requirements.

Apologies for the lack of pictures for group 2's baking session
things got very, very busy and I didn't get the camera out as
much as I should have done.  Here are the biscuits having just 
been rolled around in a bowl of oats and ready for popping in the oven.

Ahhh at last... everything is out of the oven and we have a 
small slice of flapjack and half a biscuit for all the children.

 Everyone tucked in rather eagerly


Hurrah!  It was an all round thumbs up!

A thoroughly good time had by all. 


  1. That looks really fun, and very yummy!!

  2. wish i could come along! Becky Saywellxx