Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Encouraging my Husband

My family and I were blessed this past weekend to go on a Christian family retreat in Wales.  We had a lovely time and best of all I got to spend 4 fantastic days with my hubby!  :O)

After a mini break together going back to the regular schedule can feel rather sad.  We love having daddy home with us and he loves to be home with his family.  It would be so wonderful if we could keep him at home with us all day every day, but that isn't going to bring in the pennies, and as much as daddy loves to be at home, he loves to provide for his little family too.  :O)

Despite the joy of providing, work can be stressful and draining no matter how much he loves what he does.  Today was hubby's first day back after our little break and it occurred to me during the morning that I should make an extra effort to encourage him today. Texting came to mind, but I didn't want to just send him the odd text telling him I loved him.... no I wanted to do more than that today.  So I set about sending hubby a text every hour with just one sentence/thought.  

The texts consisted of things like:

You're Awesome

I'm so proud of who you are

You're my hero

I love how you father our children

You're special

..... and so on and so on it went.  This led me to thinking about other ways we can encourage our husbands, I have many tried and tested ideas and I'm sure I could sit here and think up some more.  How about you?  Would you share with me how you like to encourage your husband?  Next week I would like to write a blog post on '10 Way to Encourage Your Husband' and I would like you to submit your ideas so I can compile them into a list for next week's post.  Perhaps we can make it 20 ways or even 30 ways to encourage our husbands!  :O)

Please send a list of some of the things you like to do to:



for those of you who know me on Facebook you can private message me there.

Thanks!!  Look forward to hearing from you...  hopefully LOTS of you!  :O)

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  1. Hey, My hubby does property maintenance and if he's working close enough we sometimes take him a coffee. He works so hard and we miss him! BB.