Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pregnancy - 8 weeks - Journals

Time is moving on quickly and we find ourselves at 8 weeks into the pregnancy already!  :O)  I have been feeling so much better with this pregnancy than I have in quite probably any of my previous pregnancies, but certainly than those over the last 4 years.  This is such an answer to prayer - Alex and I took a time of fasting and prayed over my health, my emotional healing, our future babies, an easier 1st trimester should we blessed again and also that my S.P.D. would not bother me.  How gracious is our loving Heavenly Father to care so much about the little details in our lives.  :O)  

I already have a little 'baby pouch'!!  hehe  Happens quickly when you've had a few bubba's already - the muscles just give up it seems!  (or maybe it's just mine! :-/ )

Right from the beginning of my pregnancy days I have enjoyed journalling about my experience in each particular pregnancy, taken 'bump' pictures and kept a record of the quickly altering sizes of certain body parts!

It has been so much fun to look back on and has been helpful looking at notes from previous pregnancies on how I felt at a given time, what symptoms I had, how quickly my belly grew etc etc.

Here's a sampling of what my journals look like

This was my first attempt and contains my journal notes from my first 4 pregnancies,  Caden - Uzziah

This was an entry from my 1st pregnancy....  I cut and paste from a baby magazine 

This is my journal for Rosina:

This was my journal with Eman's pregnancy and miscarriage.
I copied down nearly all messages I received through the difficult
time of loosing him/her.  Thank you to those that contributed. :)

And here we are with our current pregnancy journal.  :O)
God willing I will get to fill this one!

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