Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bye Bye Holidays

The summer holidays are over for us and we're back to the books.  It was so lovely to have some lazy days and not worry about schedules so much and just play hard.  :O)  All the boys have started this week off with hard, diligent work and I'm very proud of them.  

I worked on a new schedule over the summer holidays and I'm pleased to say that it is working a treat.  A well thought out schedule really does make a lot of difference to ones available time.

Quinn is proving himself to be quite the academic and loves being back at school.  He let out a massive "yay!" with a leap of joy and a groovy wiggle when I said that it was back to school tomorrow.  :O) (the same can't be said of the others! lol)  This picture of Quinn above, working hard on his math, was taken today.  

This picture below was taken the first day back to school in the afternoon. . . .  clearly it's quite exhausting all that school work!  

So what's new this term? 
Well. . .  Mr (very proud to be 7) Caden gets to start piano lessons!  Caden and I were both equally excited to see the parcel with his new piano books arrive with the postman this morning.

After morning lessons had been completed , lunch had been consumed and Rosina was down for her afternoon nap, Caden sat down for his very first lesson.  :O)  I'm really pleased with the books we chose - very visually pleasing and written in a clear and understanding manner.  

Here he is having just found good old Middle C.

And here he is spelling FACE with the notes.

He says he looks forward to playing for the church
one day when he's a bit older.  :O)  

Wouldn't it be lovely if he did grow to be a pianist!

Daddy proves to be an essential part of our homeschool providing great answers to those random questions and sitting with them and doing some of the arty activities.

Charlie very much enjoyed his craft/art 'lesson' with Daddy on the weekend and was very chuffed with how his model turned out.

AND. . . .
Rosina, being true to herself, continues 
to get upto the usual mischief!  :O)

Raising these little souls for King Jesus!

Praise Him who give us all that we need, all of the time!


  1. well done Darling, your a fantastic mother to our kids. Boys, keep up the good work

  2. Aww, Rosina looks just like my Deborah eating the catalogue! :) she *hates* board books - only interested in a book if it's real paper! :)

    Looks like your children are having lots of fun! We're back to lessons next week - exciting! :)

  3. Lovely post! The pics are so cute. Well done you xx

  4. I love how Daddy helps out! That sounds like a lot of fun :)