Monday, 1 August 2011

Giant Display

ok, ok... I'll confess it - I'm a photo addict!  I love snapping away at my precious little ones and capturing those fun memories forever.  I like to play around with the photos too, as and when I have the time for it.   It amazes me... just one little picture and it can bring a whole flood of memories back.  I'm very thankful that I am able to take advantage of this technology because with the best will in the world I wouldn't remember even a smidgen of what I do now thanks to photographs.

My latest venture in the world of photos has been a large photo frame for our dining room wall.  I bought it from Matalan for a total bargain of £35  :O)  I bought it back in March and it has taken me til now to finally get it finished and on the wall.  It ended up being quite a big undertaking searching through the last 7 amazing years of my life and finding not only my favourite photos, but also ones that would actually fit in the frame.  I made a folder in my photo program just for these picked out photos and then once the final decision had been made I ordered them with Asda photos and had them delivered. (Had 40 free photos with them online so the photos only cost me £2 something or other and that was only because I ordered 3 5x7's)

Here it is - still in the design stage.

The boys helped me by passing the tape when  
needed and giving their opinion on how it looked.

Getting the smaller photos towards the 
centre was quite a tricky/fiddly process.

And here's the final product up on the wall.

There is one square missing a photo, we are saving that one for Rosina's 1st birthday picture.  Cannot believe that is only another 7 weeks away! Madness!

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  1. It looks so good on the wall! I might have to do one too! Xx

  2. Looks great! Well worth all the hard work I'm sure. x

  3. nice job, Tamsyn - it looks really pretty!

  4. the proud husband2 August 2011 at 23:34

    my wife has done a fantastic job

  5. Looks great - a lovely job well done