Thursday, 25 August 2011

Story Telling Thursday

The winning title for this weeks stories is from Becky:  

It Wasn't Me!

A)     One day there was a little girl called Leah and she went to school.  At school she accidentally kicked Christie while they were playing football.  Leah was nervous and she said "it wasn't me!"  There was another girl next to Christie, who'd been hurt, so Christie thought it was her.  She said, "did you just kick me?" "it wasn't me" said the girl.  Christie then went to the teacher and said that she'd been kicked.  The teacher asked for the two girls to be brought to her.  The teacher asked "who kicked Christie?" Both girls said "it wasn't me".  The teacher thought and thought and then had an idea. She put on some rocket boots and gave some to the girls and they flew to a magical land.  They walked around and they saw a shop.  Then went in the shop.  The problem was that when they got into the shop they disappeared back to where they were.  Then Leah noticed something very strange... she felt dizzy.  Then the teacher said "it was you Leah, you are the one who lied.  I know it was you because  the one who came back from the magical land feeling dizzy is the one who lied.  Leah then said sorry to Christie and Christie forgave Leah.     THE END

B)    One day there was a new house built for 2 brothers called Samuel and Andrew.  The house was built really strong by their dad because they had some concrete.  The brothers play in the new lounge.  Then it was time to go and buy a talking crocodile, it's a teddy and has a red button on it to talk. Then Andrew did some drawing and then played on the leapster explorer.  Then the postman came with a letter and the letter said 'you need to have a blood test'.  So they got in the car and drove to have the blood test done.  He hoped it would be so quick so he told the lady to be quick.  3 grown ups named, Builder, Yes Sir and Lady Boots also had to have a blood test.  They all got a plaster and a sticker because they were really good, super good.  Then Andrew went home.  Andrew went to his teddies and found his monkey had lost his leg!  Then they heard a noise and it said, "it wasn't me!" The crocodile said it.  Then they heard another noise it said, "hello".  It was 6 elephants.  Then he heard another noise, it was 9 frogs saying "you can go!"  Then Andrew left.  Then the frogs said, "you've got to stop because there are people walking on the road.   THE END

C)      It was a sunny day and James hit his brother named John.  Then John told his mummy that James had hit him.  Mummy called James. "I'm coming Mummy".  Then Mummy said,  "did you hit John?" James said, "no, no it wasn't me!"  The Mummy said "it was you James because there was only 2 people and John has a bump on his forehead."  James said "sorry" and kissed it better.

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  1. Yay! Great title ;) Some very moral and inspiring stories, boys :)

  2. Love them all but had to vote for one Well done boys xxx Hilary xxx