Thursday, 4 August 2011

Story Telling Thursday

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A)                              The Magic Pillow

The magic pillow goes up and down every time someone tries to get it.  When the boy put his head on the pillow it disappeared.  The pillow went under the blanket.  When the boy woke up he couldn't find his pillow.  He wondered where it had gone.  He looked everywhere and last of all under his blanket and there it was.  He wondered how it got there.         

B)                                 In Our Garden

One day a man built a house.  He did pretty good.  He got the job done.  Then he played in the garden and it was so much fun!  He just played on the climbing frame.  He goes down the slide all the time until he has some boys come over to play.  Then he went inside and had a dream.  His dream was... never go outside on the seesaw because there is none there.        THE END

C)                                    The Power Cut

One day a boy named James was watching TV, suddenly the TV switched off!  He went to find his mummy "the TV switched off by itself!" he said angrily.  James' mummy checked the fuses, they were all switched on.  There was a power cut.  Then his mummy remembered that she had said that she'd make pizza.  Mummy wondered what she could do.  Suddenly she had an idea.  Her idea was that she could try to make pizza in a frying pan as she could light up her stove top.  It did not work.  She went to the lounge to have another think.  She couldn't think of a way to make the pizza tonight.  Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.  It was an electrician saying "your electric is back on!"  Mummy then told her son.  James was so excited he rushed back to the TV, picked up the remote to switch it on and watched TV.  He was so excited that he put on his favourite program.  Then he watched a silly program.  Mummy was able to cook the pizza and it was done in time for movie night.   THE END

Time to get you involved!


Can you come up with a good title for the boys to write a story for?  Next time I will be giving the boys the same title to write from and I want you to pick it.  Please leave a comment in the box below with your suggestion and come back next time to see if your title was picked.  

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  1. My amazing adventure by the seaside!
    Love Linda X
    I love these stories.

  2. Story telling was a brilliant idea Tamsyn! Loved all the stories boys! As for a title, how about 'The Mysterious Parcel'.

  3. the pet mummy did not want me to have.

  4. "It wasn't me!" or "Five ways to..."

  5. well done author number 3, very structured

  6. It was tough to choose with some really good elements in each of them and I agree with the praise for the structure of the third one but ultimately I had to go with the creativity of the first. You can't have good story telling without imagination and creativity :).

    As for titles... One I was given back in my own schooldays that I did well with was simply, "The Mask". Other possibilities maybe..."My First Day", "The Disappearing Rabbit", "Who Did It?", "The Piano Man", "The Lost Camera", "The Mystery of Mr. Smith", "Purple Penguins!" - hmmm I could probably go on writing really weird ones but then it is the middle of the night and I'm coming down from the extra morphine! If you ever get stuck then you know where to come - or not! ;)

    Well done all three boys and well done Mummy.