Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm Back!

Well my goodness, it's been a good little while since I've felt up to blogging, but here I am again, feeling better and ready to do some catching up!  :O)

We returned home from a lovely holiday to Ireland last week.  We took the ferry from S. Wales across to Rosslare and rented a static caravan there for 3 nights.  We didn't really know how good the place we would be staying at would be as it seems the Irish are still learning to use the internet to it's full potential as their websites seem rather.. well.. basic. 
We were thrilled to find a lovely caravan though and an absolutely fantastic beach just a few minute walk down a country road - was so idyllic and to top it off we even had brilliant sunshine for our first day!!  Who would have guessed! hah! 

We visited an 800 yr old lighthouse, which claims to be the oldest, still functioning lighthouse in the world, so that was pretty amazing to see.  We had a tour of the inside of the lighthouse and it was like a castle in there!  Definitely a trip worth doing if you ever happen to be in Wexford County.  :O)

For our next day in Rosslare we planned on going to see an historical village that had an old working windmill.  We drove down the road where it was supposed to be and there was no sign of it.  So we stopped at the nearest pub and asked about it.  We were promptly informed that the place had closed down 2 years ago!  (and yet the website is still up and running!)  :S
So we took a trip into the nearest main town instead.  We were surprised how few shops were about generally and also how big people's houses were when you were outside of a city.

After our short stay in Rosslare we drove right down to the bottom of Ireland and stayed with friends who live in Bandon (nr Cork).  It's a good job our friends gave us clear directions to their house because apparently they don't see the need for post codes (zip codes) over in Ireland.  So you might as well pack your sat nav away if you visit Ireland and pick up a good map instead. :) 
We had a super time down there.  We had a mini celebration for Quinn's 5th birthday and we experienced some offical Irish chocolate.  We took an amazing trip (THE trip of the holiday) to Killarney and saw some stunning sites up there and took a memorable trip on a horse and cart around the lake and sites.

All in all a fab time was had by all and we greatly enjoyed our Irish holiday.

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  1. Welcome back to blogland! Glad you had a lovely holiday. :D