Saturday, 9 June 2012

Graduating Year 3

After a challenging year of hard, hard work for our eldest, he achieved his completion of year 3 yesterday - Friday the 8th of June.

His reading and writing abilities have come on leaps and bounds!  He can happily sit back with a novel and chew his way through the whole thing.  He has just started learning cursive writing, which he absolutely loves to do... think it makes him feel very grown up to be doing joined up writing! :O) His Math abilities have developed really well too and his talents now include adding fractions, long addition, problem stories & estimation to name a few.  Next grade we get to tackle the times table (All prayers appreciated for me and my son!)

Caden is especially excited to have completed his 3rd year as his 4th years work will be done on the computer and our Mr Caden 'gets' computers and so loves to work on them.  I'm also rather pleased too as the clever program marks his work for me and automatically plans out his years work, allocating evenly for the whole year and adjusting accordingly when a challenging area takes him longer than estimated etc, etc... bliss.  :O)

We celebrated Caden's achievements today with a mini party.  The kids put on party hats and I cooked a cake, which had 3 candles to represent each year of education completed.  We presented Caden with his certificate of achievement and gave him a hearty round of applause.  

When it came time to blow out the candles, I told him to think of all those pages of Math, filled with sums, and blow them away!  :O)

We then presented him with a gift as a reward for his labours.

To say he is cuffed with his solitaire chess is an understatement.  He is sitting by my feet as I type working his way through the challenges and absolutely loving it!  :O)

A massive congratulations Caden!

You're a star!

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