Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Little Dude Turns 5

On the 28th of May my ickle Quinny turned 5 yrs old!  Seems mad to me that my little boy is 5... that's not so little anymore!

We had a celebration for him while on holiday, as his actual birthday was during our trip to Ireland.  We then had his 'main' celebration once home again.  I was rather tired after our jouneys and the seemingly endless washing that appears after a holiday and so was planning to buy Quinn's birthday cake this year.  Was feeling a little guilty about it as it is my little tradition to make them a special little cake every year so I decided I would ask him... give him the choice of a fun shop bought cake or a mummy made one.  He looked at me with his big green eyes and said he wanted me to do it..... well I just couldn't refuse his cute little face!  I asked him what he wanted this year and he asked for a football pitch.  Rather pleased he picked something simple... I agreed.

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  1. Nice. Another great cake, well done for finding the energy. :)