Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pregnancy - 20 weeks

Half Way!

Yesterday marked 20 weeks into the pregnancy and to be honest I can't quite believe I'm here already.  The weeks since my last scan have gone by quickly.  
(An 11 day holiday probably helped with that! hah)

We are booked in for our next scan this Friday at 8:25pm and we are rather very excited to get another peek at our new little baby growing away.

I am feeling lots of movement now which is just amazing and such a comfort.  It doesn't seem to matter how many times I've been through this - feeling those kicks is just as amazing every time!  The miracle of new life!

Recent Cravings - dark chocolate & cakes (all the healthy stuff!)
Feeling - more tired than I have in previous pregnancies at this gestation. Hoping for relief soon, - won't hold my breath though... just enjoy the better days as and when they decide to offer me some relief. It seems that my old friend SPD is back to spend some time with me.  It is very minor at the moment - making the most of pain free walking while it lasts.  :O)
Belly Growth - 33.5" = 5.5" gain!

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