Monday, 13 February 2012

Cookery Monday - Play Dough

You gotta love play dough and it is even more lovable to play with the home made version than shop stuff.  
Home made is so much softer and lasts ages if you keep it in the fridge.  

So here we go

All our ingredients at the ready

Caden pours the table salt, Quinn holds the 1/2 cup

Rosina stirs!

She was very fascinated by the process

 Mummy got the pan on the stove
and Rosina decided it was chill time.  :O)

After mixing all the ingredients into the pan we put
it on a low heat and stirred continuously.

This was before any heat was added

Warming up now

Getting thick

Getting really thick.
Becomes a bit of an effort at this point to keep stirring.

And here it is finished 'cooking'

Dumped out on the table

After a quick knead

The boys get ready to add their colours
to their 1/3 of the play dough mixture

Knead away... mix in those colours

 Put some muscle into it!

And hey presto - Play Dough!  :O)

Now the hard work is all done it's time to play, play, play!

Quinn sets to work on making some vanilla ice cream

Rosina is still deciding what to make

Charlie makes some pastry

and Caden makes some blueberry ice cream!

If you have kiddies at home, why not have a go?
Is very simple and the kids are sure to love it!  :O)

Here's the recipe:


Water                      1 cup
Plain Flour                1 cup
Cooking Oil              1 Tbsp
Cream of Tartar        2 tsp
Salt                          1/2 cup
Food colouring         optional


Mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan and cook on a low heat.  Stir continuously until the mixture thickens to form a dough texture.   Knead.   Play!


  1. We use the cream of tartar recipe also! iT'S THE best.

    We also add in sparkles and smells when we make the colours. Essential oils and extracts are great for this!

    1. Oo what wonderful ideas! I especially like the idea of adding sparkle.. do you use glitter??

  2. I'm going to have to try this. Never too old to play with play dough! Is Cream of Tartar available in any old supermarket? Also loving the glitter idea!

    1. I quite agree - you absolutely can never be too old for play dough! Is awesome stuff! lol Yes Cream of tartar is available in any main supermarket. Have fun! :O)