Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 5

  1. Hubby home today! - It was my turn to be poorly today and I felt so, so blessed that he stayed home to take care of the children and the house so I could get the needed rest!
  2. The Duggar Family - Such an inspirational family!  I have already read their 2nd book and today I was able to get stuck into their first book (backwards I know!).  Their love for God and children is such a blessing to my heart.
  3. The childrens prayers - it brings immense joy to my heart to hear my children pray.  Their love for God, their concern for others, their desire to live as God says is right.. it's all such an honour to listen to and witness.
  4. My Uzziah ring - on my right hand I wear a ring with a sapphire stone in it.  This was given to me in loving memory of our son who is now with Jesus.  The stone is sapphire because that is my sons birthstone.  It is a very precious item to me. 
  5. Oreo's - Fell in love with these when we lived in the USA and was so glad when they started selling them here in the UK.  woot woot!  :O)
  6. A sing song with my daughter - my sweet little princess is poorly today and after putting her to bed this evening she threw up.  :(  After all was clean again we sat in the rocking chair together and I started to sing to her.  A minute later she started to join in and we sat and sang for 20 minutes or so.  Was SO precious... I pray I will not forget that moment, was more special than words can describe.
  7. A beautiful home to live in - I'm thinking tonight of the many, many people who don't even have one of life's basic needs - shelter/a roof over their heads.
  8. Our Trailer Tent - I am looking forward to going away in it this year!  We love to go camping.  We didn't do 'proper' camping last year as Rosina was still a baby, so we will all be excited to go away in the trailer tent later on this year.
  9. Sisters - I am blessed with 4 sisters.
  10. T-Mobile - they offered me a bargain new contract today to keep my custom. yay

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