Sunday, 26 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 21

  1. New books - last week when we visited the library we picked up some books in their 10p sale!  10p!!  We found some fun stories for Caden and even a board, flap book for Rosina.  :)
  2. Guests for lunch - we enjoyed a fun afternoon with friends from church.
  3. Screen Saver Pics - I just love, love, love to watch my family pictures pop up on the computer screen when it's not in use.  Such wonderful memories.  :O)
  4. Local Park - We are blessed to be able to walk to several different parks for the children.  Such a lovely thing to do on a lovely sunny afternoon like today.  Isn't the weather mild!  Doesn't really feel like February at the moment. :)
  5. Skype - free calls! Free face time calls!  Love it!
  6. Boys Brigade - ah the boys just love going to this club!  Caden gets to go on his first camp with them this year and at the end of May Quinn turns 5 so he will be able to go too.
  7. Chocolate Brownies - Thank you Laura Barker for making them - yummy!  :O)
  8. Rosina's Toy Kitchen - we have a lot of imaginary fun with this awesome toy.
  9. Biro's - Aren't you glad we don't have to write with quills anymore! lol  I love biro's because the ink doesn't bleed and is never wet.
  10. Candles - I just love the atmosphere that candles bring to a setting.  I find them soothing and calming.  

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