Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 24

Here we are at the end of the month and the last day of my counting blessings here on the blog.  So here we go for the final 10.....
  1. Girl Talk - What more do I need to say??  So blessed tonight - thank you girls!!  It was a privilege to spend the evening with you.
  2. Watching development - today Quinn read lots of words to me and man I felt so blessed watching educational development unfold right before me.  Can I just say that home educating is unbelievably fulfilling!  I love being the one here to answer any of their questions whether they be educational or spiritual.
  3. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is all of His awesomeness all of the time.  We can trust Him and depend on Him always - no matter what!!
  4. Hairdressing Skills - In my teens I trained as a hairdresser and am thankful for the money that saves me now as I trim the families hair. (not as regularly as I should admittedly) Shame I can't do my own.
  5. Wooden Train Tracks - isn't it fun to be a kid again for a while?  I love wooden train tracks and the children and I can have such fun making massive tracks running all around the living room floor. 'Choo Choo!'  
  6. The Moon - o it's so beautiful and so informational!
  7. Slow Cooker - I actually don't use mine anywhere near as much as I should.  The recipes I do use it for come out so tender and so yummy!  And aren't they just wonderful when you have a busy afternoon or are going to be out of the house at 'cooking time'?
  8. Kind Comments from strangers - Alex popped to Waitrose for me Monday and took Quinn & Rosina with him. When he went to check out, the lady behind the till said... "and here are two of my favourite children!" then looking at Quinn she asked "where are my other two favourite children?"
  9. .Counting Blessings - I have been blessed by this little project, especially on the days when I wouldn't usually sit back and consider the blessings of the day because it had been such a struggle.  Thanks for sticking with me through these 24 days!  :O)
  10. Home Pregnancy Tests - I have used many of these over the years and have been blessed with 7 positives until last week when I got my 8th positive!  I am very excited and feel very blessed to announce that Alex and I are expecting another little Short in the beginning of November.


  1. Haha...glad to here we're working on our third pregnancies that will be only a few weeks apart...I'm in my 11th week for my #4!

    All the best to you.

    1. That is absolutely AWESOME news Christina!!! Thrilled to bits for you you fantastic lady! YEAH!

  2. Congratulations Alex and Tamsyn!! :)

  3. Oh gosh what lovely news!! Congratulations :-)

    I've loved reading your month of Counting Blessings xx

  4. Congratulations. Didn't think it would be long ;)

  5. Hi Tamsyn! I'm meeting you for the first time, and love your list of blessings. Funnily enough, we now homeschool our kids, and I *also* trained as a hairdresser in my teens.. and yes, that's saved us LOADS of money over the years! Lovely to 'meet' you :)
    Anne x