Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 17

  1. Deep bonds - there are some people in my life to whom I feel a very deep bond, people who enrich my life, people who love me for who I am, people who give a lot of themselves for me and I to them.  I am thankful beyond words for these friendships. Some of the friendships are with family members, others are not - but to all of you, and you know who you are - I love you and thank you for loving me.
  2. Time to socialize - I had a blessed afternoon today hanging out with a dear friend.  The kids had a great time playing together and my friend and I enjoyed a cuppa and lots of nattering - perfect!  :O) 
  3. Cluedo - it was one of my sister's birthday today and I went over to join her and a few of her friends for a mini party.  We had a game of Cluedo.  Was fun and - I won!  :O)
  4. Porridge - what an awesome, cheap, healthy food porridge is!  Perfect for these cold mornings!  Just drizzle some honey in and you're in for a hot, tasty and satisfying breakfast.
  5. Wireless - isn't it bliss getting rid of lots of cables! 
  6. Porch lights - ours isn't working at the moment - realise now what a blessing it is!!
  7. Long armed bibs - Our little Rosina can make an awful mess.  She insists on feeding herself, so I am very thankful for her plastic, longsleeved bib!  Need to buy more!!
  8. Trees - these towering beauties play a key role to our very existence.  In God's magnificent design for Earth He planned for trees to absorb in the carbon dioxide that we breath out and produce oxygen for us to breath in.
  9. Floradix - this is an amazing natural drink which boosts ones iron (without the constipation issues that the doctors pill will give you), along with many other health benefits and it's wonderful.  
  10. Spiders - o I do find it VERY hard to feel blessed by spiders, but don't they create just the most amazing & beautiful little homes for themselves?  Spiders (although creepy) are utterly amazing insects and give God so much credit for his handiwork.  Have you ever watched a spider spin a web?  It's absolutely fancinating.  I just wish they didn't choose to take shelter in my home.  :S


  1. LOVE, love, love Floradix too!

  2. personally I don't want to get close enough to spiders to watch them spin a web!