Friday, 24 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 18

  1. Date Night! - Alex and I were blessed with an evening out tonight.  Alex treated me to a Michelin Star restaurant down in Emsworth and it was absolutely divine!  A beautiful evening - such a treat!
  2. Babysitter - thank you so much Robbie for giving of your time to give Alex and I the opportunity to have a date night and go out for dinner.  
  3. Egg Timer - I have this great gadget that I throw in with my eggs when I'm boiling them and it works 100% of the time telling me when my eggs are soft or hard boiled etc.  It's an awesome little thing!  Love it!  :O)
  4. Daffodils - a sweet friend of mine gave me a couple of bunches of daffodils on Tuesday and they are an absolutely ray of sunshine sitting on my kitchen table - stunning!  The children have been in awe watching how the buds started off so tightly shut and then so quickly opened up and brought such beauty into our room.
  5. Soapnuts - I'm not a fan of regular clothes detergent as they are harsh on clothes and skin.  I'm so thankful for natures little cleaner - the soapnut... these little nuts do a wonderful job cleaning, are gentle on skin and the environment and are super cheap to buy!  :O)  perfect.
  6. A new frock - so enjoyed wearing out my new dress to tonights meal.
  7. Fun Pool/Public Swimming Pools - my kiddies just love to go to the pool.  Great exercise - great fun!  Aren't we blessed to have pools around our country with slides, lazy rivers and jacuzzi's where we can have great family fun in clean water.
  8. Chess - My boys love this game.  I love that they love it!  We are so blessed to have such cheap and easy access to such fantastic and educational games.
  9. A noisy house - because that means I'm surrounded by family
  10. Dreams - I know that dreams can feel as much of a curse as a blessing sometimes, but aren't the happy dreams wonderful!  I dreamt of angels the other night and even in my sleep I felt comfort. :)

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