Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 16

  1. Mentors - I'm so thankful to glean wisdom from those older and wiser than I.
  2. Pancakes - such a tasty treat!  :)
  3. Top Cashback - I have earnt back well over a hundred pounds on this free website - it's wonderful.
  4. New life - Spring is coming and with it will come the birth of many new animals, a flooding of flowers and the baby shoots of the crops that will come in the fall.  Beautiful
  5. Stars - I love to gaze up on a clear night sky and look at all the beautiful stars!
  6. A letter from Tong - Today we had a little card from our sponsored child who lives in Cambodia!  It is always such a delight to my heart to find a letter or card from him and see his little drawings. We sponsor Tong through an amazing charity called - World Vision. If you'd like to check out this ministry please click HERE
  7. Prayer Diary - I can't remember how this started, but years ago now I began a prayer diary and it has been a huge blessing to me.  Is absolutely amazing to look back and see how much God has worked in my life and the prayers He has answered
  8. Massage - hubby gave me a foot massage this evening... bliss!
  9. Blueberries - these little round fruits are fantastic little health nuggets.  Did you know that they are among highest anti-oxidant value fruits!  Research also suggests that they help lower blood sugar levels and control blood glucose levels in type II diabetes millitus condition.  They boast a long list of vitamins and minerals - to see a list of their full health benefits click HERE and scroll down the page to 'health benefits'.
  10. Hair Dryer - love this little invention!  :)

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