Saturday, 25 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 20

  1. Charlie is treated to gardening - this afternoon a friend of ours from church asked if Charlie would like to come and help him in his garden planting seeds, feeding chickens and collecting the chicken eggs. Charlie LOVES gardening and when he grows up all he ever talks about doing is becoming a farmer, so needless to say, he was absolutely over the moon to have this special treat.  Apparently he planted carrots, kale, broad beans, parsnips and more and he collected 6 wonderful eggs, which he brought home with him.  Our friend tells me that he took several pictures of Charlie, so I look forward to seeing those soon.  :O) 
  2. A successful works day at the Church - Alex organised a work day for the church to get some of the menial task dones like - cleaning the upholstery, gutters and kitchen units.  Putting up blinds and fitting feet on chairs etc.  It all went really well and we had a good turn out of helpers.
  3. A surprise cuppa - we had some friends drop in this evening to do us a favour and we were blessed that they had time to stay for a little chat and a cuppa.  Always love an opportunity to catch up with friends.
  4. Time to read - I had a lovely afternoon getting stuck into a good book today. 
  5. Blue Skies - Wasn't it glorious today?
  6. Crafts - The children made a collage today with saved up sweetie wrappers - they looked great!  :)
  7. New Soup - I tried out a new soup today, which turned into my own creation as I went along, and it was scrummy - so we now have a new recipe for our family recipe book.
  8. Inspiration - don't you just love to be inspired?  I do... it spurs me on.
  9. Electricity - now wasn't that just a marvellous invention!
  10. Fish - beautiful to look at!  We have a large fish tank in our living room and sometimes it can be entrancing just staring in.  I also happen to think certain breeds are rather yummy!  :O)  Haddock, Salmon, Trout, Tuna etc etc!  Delicious 

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