Monday, 20 February 2012

Cookery Monday - Banana & Chocolate Bread

I took one look at our banana's today and knew that Cookery Monday had to be a banana bread!

Thought I'd try something new and go for a banana AND chocolate bread

We started off by measuring out the butter.  
We ran out and ended up 1 oz short!  :S

Mush away

 While Quinn was mushing I quickly mixed together the 
sugar & butter and then added the eggs & vanilla essence.
Then it was time to pour the mush into the batter

We gave it a good mix and added the flours.  The recipe called for 2 cups of 
plain flour, unfortunately my cupboard held almost every kind of flour but,
so I improvised and added 1 cup whole wheat bread flour and 1 cup
whole wheat self raising flour.  No idea if this is going to work.... 
but worth a try.

Next came the exciting job of adding the chocolate - was supposed
to be chocolate chips, but since I had none, again we improvised and used
up some of the Christmas chocolate stash.

 Then we poured our mixture into a greased & floured tin 

Popped it in the over at 180 degrees for one hour.  It was supposed 
to be covered with foil for the first 30 mins, but going with the
theme of today's cooking session - we didn't have any!  :S  So
I popped a tray on a shelf above the bread to give it some protection
in the oven.  And... it seemed to work ok

Here's our result!

I popped out this evening for some wonderful fellowship and
so did not get a pic of the boys taste testing, but I had a taste when I got home
and have to say - a BIG thumbs up!  Was really yummy!  :O)

If you would like the original, un-improvised recipe:


  1. Looks gorgeous! Well done for improvising - happens a lot here too. One thing confuses still have Christmas chocolate in February? Is that even legal? I was under the impression you had to eat it all by Boxing Day, ah well...

    1. HAHA!! Boxing day! lol Thanks for making me laugh. x