Saturday, 11 February 2012

Party, Sleep Over & Cake! Charlie Turns 6

What fun we all had celebrating Charlie's 6th birthday! :O)

It all began at 5pm when Charlie's friends started to arrive.

We got stuck into some party games straight away, starting off with some musical bumps and musical statues.  Then we played a game where the boys had to pick a duplo lego brick out of a bag and if they picked orange then they had to put a hat, scarf and gloves on and try and cut, with a knife & fork, into a large chocolate coin which was covered in foil.  Then if they could, they could feed themselves some chocolate.  Of course the bag is still going around the circle and as soon as someone else picks out an orange brick then it's their turn no matter how long the previous player had to get some chocolate.  

Here's some action shots:

Then we had a game of pass the parcel while the pizza was cooking

Pressie time next!  :O)

 Then it was movie & pizza time.  :O)

And finally.... CAKE TIME!


 "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Charlie, Happy Birthday to you!


Once some cake had been scoffed by all it was time for getting all those bodies pyjama'ed' and all those teeth brushed.  We worked like a production line and soon enough we had all the boys tucked up in their allocated sleep locations.  Needless to say it was a while til sleep came for them all, but what's the point in a sleep over if you can't stay up til silly o clock chit chatting with you friends?  :O)  Some were 'out' by 9:30 others not til midnight! :-O  We thought after such a late night that at least some would sleep in in the morning, but hah who were we kidding? lol  Amazingly though, the boys were pretty calm in the morning and they all had some lovely play time until 11 am rolled around and parents came to collect.

A wonderful time had by all.  :O)


  1. How lovely and what a fab cake yet again. Oh to be 6 eh ? Happy Birthday charlie Big Hugs xxxx
    Love Hilly

  2. Amazing cake!!! Again!! :0)

  3. The cake tasted as good as it looked too - well done!

  4. Beautiful Tamsyn! Looks very appreciated!