Thursday, 16 February 2012

Counting Blessings - Day 12

  1. Garden - I got the kids ready for a play outside this afternoon and much to my pleasant surprise it was quite mild today.  We ended up spending ages outside.  I was sorting the garden out a bit, Rosina was playing with some warm, fresh water I bought out for her (well actually it was to clean with, but she decided it was for playing - naturally) and the boys were playing games on the trampoline.  Was a blissful afternoon and not what I had expected at all.  We are very blessed to live in a house that has a private garden to the rear and a little garden in front.  The children just LOVE it out there and it makes our house feel a lot bigger to have that outside space.  
  2. Mr Fix It - My washing machine broke down on me today! :S  I started playing up on me yeterday, but today I just couldn't get the thing to complete a cycle... it was just stop 15ish minutes into the wash.  I'm very thankful that my hubby is a 'mr fix it' and he got it going again!  YAY!  Those cotton nappies can get their wash now.  
  3. Trampoline - my boys love their trampoline and what a great way to get some good exercise!
  4. Wellies - what would we do in this wet country without our Wellington boots?  Rosina had hers on today while she pottered about in the garden and she looked very cute in her little size 3's.
  5. Girlie Time - Rosina had a late nap today, so after the boys were all tucked up in bed and daddy had gone out to a meeting, Rosina and I had some lovely girlie time!  It's so quiet when it's just her and me! She has developed oodles of patience for shaper sorters and delicate games like hanging monkeys.  She amazes me.  Love her to bits.  (love all my kids to bits... I'm one very blessed mumma)
  6. My Parents Car - we are not in a position to be able to afford 2 cars. With Alex working 40 mins from home he has to take the car.  Usually this isn't too much of a problem as we don't go out all the time, but there have been times in the past when it has caused some challenges.  Last year my parents offered us use of their car (which they don't need for the time being).  We have been very blessed by the use of this car and that we only have to pay fuel on it.
  7. Hearing - it occurred to me today how challenging it would be to be a parent without hearing.  We rely so much on what we can hear.  I know my ears are always listening for that cry, or argument that needs sorting, or bang that needs checking and that doesn't even touch on the communication side of hearing... listening to my sweet children's voices, listening to music, listening to the sounds of world around us - be it animals or the ocean.  I am blessed to have good hearing.
  8. Travel - if you have the money for it you could visit the world.  Travel in the 21st century is amazing. We'll have to stick to the UK for now, but maybe one day we'll be in a position to explore more of God's amazing creation.  I'd love to visit Switzerland one day.
  9. Decon - I feel blessed that my husband has been honoured by being asked 18 months ago to be one of the deacons for our church.  It is a privilege to serve in our church in this way.
  10. Sleep - G'nite!

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