Monday, 6 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 3

  1. My Salvation and forgiveness in Christ - this is my greatest blessing of all, for now I do not fear the day I will die, no - now I look forward to an eternity with my Saviour in a place too wonderful for words.
  2. Next's sale - Got loads of clothes for whole family at an amazing price.
  3. Home Educating friends to meet up with at our monthly meet - had a lovely time today girls, thank you!
  4. Hot water bottles - or as a friend of mine calls them... hottenbottentots!!  hehe
  5. Huge reductions at Waitrose in the late p.m. - got a bargain chicken today!  :)
  6. Mobiles (cell for my US friends) - Hubby left his at home today and it was a good reminder of what a blessing they are. (when they're not forgotten!)  I so missed him today!  Felt really cut off.
  7. A large Library.  We do enjoy our weekly study & quiz of a library book.  Today we studied bees - did you know that the worker bees force the drones out of the hive in autumn and don't let them back in.. thus leaving them to die due to no food.  Charming! lol
  8. Tulips - one of my favourite flowers!  Such beautiful colours.
  9. Hot Showers.
  10. My dishwasher - such a time saver! Bliss  :O)

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