Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 10

  1. Sweet Notes - It always warms my heart and makes me smile when one of the children write a note to me.  Today Caden gave me the following note:  To Mummy,  I love you Mummy so much that I will give you ten more kisses this time and a present for you mummy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (he then drew a picture of our faces and 2 hearts between us and an arrow pointing the kisses to my head.
  2. CHARLIE!  I'm so blessed by you my cheeky little chap!  You are a ray of sunshine and a constant source of laughter.  You have one of the most fabulous laughs I've ever heard.  I can't believe you're six years old today, my how the time has flown.  You're such a special little boy and I love you TO BITS!
  3. The Holy Spirit - I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit and the work it does in me. 
  4. Chickens and their glorious eggs - which came first?? lol just kidding... Chicken eggs are amazing power foods, jam packed full of goodness.  They supply all the essential amino acids for humans, and provide several vitamins and minerals, including retinol (vit A), riboflavin (vit B2) folic acid (vit B9) vitamin B6, vitamin B12, choline, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.  They are also a single-food source of protein dishing out 6 grams of protein per large egg.  Did you know that due to their protein content, the United States Department of Agriculture categorizes eggs as meats within the food guide pyramid.
  5. Home-made Cottage Pie - My hubby told me to write this one down because he really enjoyed his cottage pie dinner today.  :O)
  6. Valentines - it's lovely having a day where love is celebrated!  :)
  7. Literacy - I'm so thankful for my education and the world that that opens me up to.  There are SO many adults, even in the UK, that cannot read.
  8. A Tumble Dryer - My tumbler is a life saver during the winter months, I'm so blessed to be in a position to have one.
  9. Internet - I was chatting away with one of my sisters today who lives in the USA and is in hospital at the moment.  O it was such a blessing to be able to freely chat with her, which would not have been possible without the awesome invention of internet.  Thank you Mr Internet Inventor(s)!  :O)
  10. God's patients with me - I'm so thankful that God is patient and doesn't give up on me!  I'd have given up on me years and years ago!

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