Saturday, 25 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 19

  1. My PAL friends - after I lost my son Uzziah, pregnancy was never to be the same again.  When I became pregnant with Rosina I felt vulnerable, scared, fragile and basically an emotional mess.  In one of my moments of distress I sought after an on-line forum that would help me to meet women going through the same thing.  It was just over two years ago that I started to get to know some of my PAL friends and I just want you (and them) to know that I love them dearly - they have been a wonderful support to me over these last few years.  I have heard tragic story after tragic story of how these friends of mine lost their baby's and I have had the privilege of walking the road of grief with them.  A few months after getting to know some of these ladies the first birth announcement in our group came and then some more - birth announcements from these wonderful ladies bringing into the world their 'rainbows'.  Us mummies who have a baby after a loss call our baby a rainbow baby.  PAL, for those of you who are wondering, stands for Pregnancy After Loss (which is a group for women who have had a late miscarriage or a still birth), which our group of ladies has now re titled - Parents After Loss.
  2. Alpha & Omega School Curriculum - This is the school book curriculum that we buy in and I count it a great blessing to be able to buy such wonderful Christian material.
  3. Our hand made, personalized fruit bowl - For our 8th wedding anniversary Alex and I worked with a local potter and had our fruit bowl made with, what was at that time, each of our children's names written on it.  It is a beautiful item and is precious to me.
  4. A new phone - my contract was up for renewal and I received a new phone yesterday.. technology comes on so fast and it's quite the upgrade from my under-performing previous phone, that was probably under-performing due to the large dent my darling daughter so kindly put in the middle of the screen for me 10 months ago!
  5. Bonjella - wonderful stuff for those teething bubbas
  6. Orchard Toys - don't they just do some fantasticly educational games?  Love them!  :)
  7. My Juicer - a tasty way to get down all those really healthy raw fruits and veg.  
  8. Coconut Oil - This is a fantastic oil, has extremely wonderful health benefits and is one of the few oils that is good for cooking at high temperatures with.  Most oils become very unhealthy for the body when they reach smoking point, but not so with coconut oil - it remains stable even at high heat.  I'm not a fan of coconut, in fact I really, really don't like it, but strangely I really like the subtle flavour that using this oil leaves.  It is also very beneficial to eat raw so I add some to my fruit/veg juices.  Why don't you google it and see for yourself the amazing health benefits of coconut oil.
  9. Bible Highlighters - I love to do my Bible studies with my special highlighters at the ready.  There are certain books in my Bible which are now very colourful! lol  It works as a great quick reference though, for example, when I am low and need comforting/encouraging words I turn to the Psalms and look for my highlighted passages. The ones that have spoken deep into my heart in the past.
  10. Narnia Movies - I think these movies are absolutely fantastic and I LOVE how they point to Jesus. 


  1. We love you too Tamsyn, and your peaceful aura you bring to PAL :)