Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 4

Today was the sort of day that would come under the category of that song 'Mumma said there'd be days like this'.  It is not the sort of day that I would usually sit back at the end of the day and think about the many blessing in my life.  It was the sort of day that makes it hard to see the blessings.  I am so glad I've started listing blessings as it has forced me to think about how blessed I am even in the midst of a rather challenging day.  So here goes:
  1. My Husband! - I feel like the luckiest woman on earth to be so happily married to a man who loves me so deeply.  He is a man after God's own heart.  He is hard working and servant hearted, and he blesses my life every day. 
  2. Snuggles with my baby this morning - Rosina was up early this morning so we snuggled in bed for half an hour, was lovely!  :O)
  3. Above Rubies Magazine! - O what an encouragement that magazine, that dropped through my letter box last week, has been to me today.  I am blessed by the Above Rubies ministry and am very much looking forward to the ladies retreat they are holding in a few weeks time!  :O)
  4. Reading Eggs and lots of vouchers received this week for free use! - I have fallen in love with this on-line program for learning to read and beyond.  My children love it so much they beg me to go on it in their free time.  Free education material - what else could a home educating mother ask for??  :)
  5. Comfortable sofas! - I am so thankful that, on the evenings when I'm not darting off somewhere, I can sink into our lovely sofas and unwind. Wonderful!
  6. Tong - Tong is our sponsored child who lives in Cambodia. It is a great blessing and honour to be able to sponsor this young lad.  The boys and I talked about him quite a bit today and thinking about the poor life Tong has to live reminds us on such a real level what privileged lives we live here in the UK.
  7. Fitted cotton nappies - never before has it been so easy to use cotton.  My fav. brand are 'itti bitti d'lish'.  I believe they are made in Australia and are such a slim fit but still so reliable.  Love em! 
  8. Home delivered groceries! - O I could kiss whoever came up with this idea!  There are times this is such a life saver!  I put an order in today so I don't have to worry about popping out tomorrow.. not feeling very well and hubby came home very poorly today so is a load off my mind to know Mr grocery man is going to bring it all to my kitchen for me! phew
  9. Music - I love music and often I find it so uplifting.  I realize now that I should have put some on today as somehow I find Christians music helps me to rise above the challenges and lifts not only my spirits but also the children's.  I don't know why I didn't put it on today, I usually would.  
  10. Water filter - Perhaps this is a silly thing to feel blessed by, but I'm really fussy about the taste of my water and also love knowing most of the yucky stuff left in water has been taken out by the filter.  Drinking the purest water I can get is important to me. 
Please feel free to share how have been blessed today in the comment box.  :)

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