Monday, 27 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 22

  1. Sing Song Time - As part of our morning Bible study together before we start our schools books we have a time of singing and we all really enjoy it.  We sing songs with lots of actions and even Rosina is trying to sing and sign along with us.  Very cute!  :O)
  2. Giraffes - well it's Monday again so it was a day to study a library book, have a quiz and do some crafts.  Today we studied Giraffes. Did you know that if a Giraffe needs to flea danger it can run faster than a lion! I wouldn't have guessed that - is fun learning with my kiddos. 
  3. Fudge - we had a ago at experimenting with raspberry fudge today.  Tasted yummy
  4. Paper & Crayons - So many children don't even have the basic craft supplies of paper and crayons which we take for granted.  
  5. New Schedule - Over the last few days I've felt God encouraging me to start a new morning schedule.  Today I got going on it and it went really well and I look forward to continuing on with it.
  6. Hand Me Downs - every now and then a friend will offer me a bag of clothes that their child/ren have finished with and we get a stack of new to us items to enjoy.  We are blessed that people would share with us in this way.
  7. Raising Real Men - this is an awesome book, so glad I came across info recommending it.  A Christian book written by a couple who have 6 boys (on the trot) and then 2 girls.  Highly recommend parents of boys read this book.
  8. Fan - to aid with sleeping while the little one is little we use a fan blowing away while they sleep as a gentle back round noise to help fuse out the noise of the rest of the house.  Has proved to be a great blessing.
  9. MP3 Players - I love music and I love that I can have all my music on one device and play a mix of whatever I'm in the mood for.
  10. Great Hero's of Faith - there are so many and their stories astounding and so encouraging.  I'm thankful to hear of their testimonies/stories and to in-turn be inspired by them.

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