Friday, 10 February 2012

Counting Blessings - day 6

Apologies for skipping a day - I was up til 4am last night decorating Charlie's birthday cake.  Can't believe he's turning 6!

  1. Rosina had an amazing lie in this morning, so I actually got some sleep last night after my cake decorating blitz!  Was such an answer to prayer.  I love how God cares about these details in our lives.  I awoke feeling so loved by my heavenly Father.  Rosina has never slept in so late in her life!  Coincidences?  I think not.  :O)
  2. Helium Balloons - I love to buy some of these in for celebrating the special occasions.  :O)
  3. Snow - Charlie woke up to the snow this morning and said - "God has given me snow for my birthday present!  I prayed for snow!"  :)  awww!  
  4. Friends for my children to celebrate with and enjoy life with! - Charlie has 4 friends over tonight celebrating his 6th birthday (which is on the 14th) He's has an absolutely awesome evening!  They're just about all asleep!
  5. Video Camera - to record these special events!  you forget so much and I'm so, so thankful that I can record away and treasure forever.  :O)
  6. Eyes to see - I'm so thankful that I do not suffer from blindness!  I cannot imagine how challenging living life in darkness must be... not seeing your own childs face and watching them grow.  Yes, I am so blessed to have good, healthy eyes!
  7. Facebook - A place to share and keep up with/encourage friends from all over the world - is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  :)
  8. Neighbours - We are very blessed with a quiet neighbourhood with lovely neighbours... we've not always had this, but I think having had challenging neighbours in the past makes us appreciate our ace neighbours now all the more.   :)
  9. Little life backpack - Rosina has finally joined her brothers with wearing a little backpack and she looks so darn cute in it!  :)  Click HERE to see it...  it is also reigns for while their still little.
  10. Healthy immune systems - for those of us that got sick, we are recovering nicely.  So thankful for our healthy bodies that work efficiently.

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  1. Awww - so sweet about Charlie and the snow! Decorating till 4am! Looking forward to seeing this cake!